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Not sure what to wear for your Family Session?

I got you!

Ok, this may be the number one question I answer every week so I figure, why not make it a blog to help all my wonderful clients, right?!

When you are a parent trying to figure out the gang’s outfit for the family session can be a bit overwhelming. I can speak by experience on this one! I have 2 little ones and we do family pictures every year and when we travel to a new place. I walk the talk when it comes to how important I believe making memories is! 

A lot of my moms opt to get their hair and make up professionally done for their session. it is a great excuse for a ME day! Make sure you allow enough time to enjoy that experience prior to the photos. Small details like having manicured nails and the right colored socks help ease stress, so consider setting out your outfits the night before and making sure you have every accessory you want photographed ready!

Build off Mom's Outfit!

In most cases (there are always exceptions!) mom is arranging the shoot, mom is planning the outfits, and realistically mom is the one deciding which photos get printed.   So the person (if not mom) coordinating the photoshoot should plan the outfits around what they’re wearing.  Some moms like bright colors or skirts – and their families should plan accordingly.   If mom is wearing a mustard pencil skirt, perhaps her son could have a mustard bow tie.   I think it looks best if the whole family sticks with formal or casual style, and choose based on what is your family’s norm. It’s always great to add texture to outfits.   That said, if someone is wearing plaid I wouldn’t suggest you all wear the same plaid shirt.  

So what does “coordinating your outfits” really mean?

It means you can pick a color pallet and use that as a guide. Earth tones go really well with my editing style and I advise the families to try to follow that. You can mix patters and materials, throw some accent accessories such as hats (I’m a sucker for brim hats!!), scarfs, earrings, necklaces, sweaters, etc. Coordinating does NOT mean complete matching. You don’t want everyone on the same outfit (unless we are doing a Christmas mini sessions and you all are wearing the same PJs 😊).

What to avoid

Avoid stripes (the camera gets confused with them for some reason and they can look wavy).

Also stay away from characters and letters on your clothing. They are distracting to the eyes and will get the attention out of your beautiful smiles!All white and all black outfits are also something I discourage. Not to get too technical but those colors when used in large proportions can cause issues with depth and detail loss, causing the pictures to become unflattering. We don’t want that!


What else can help?

Look at your home décor. You will be printing these beautiful memories and displaying them all over your house. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the color schemes of your house when you are choosing the outfit and locations for your photoshoot. I bet you didn’t think of this one before, right?!

Clothing stores usually coordinate clothes when they display them. It may be a good idea to choose the outfits all from the same store (for example, the kids section displays), it may save you some brain calories. Let them do the work for you!

Here are some awesome examples from my past family session outfit champs!



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