Did you say WOOD Flowers??
  • Nata Salvatori

Did you say WOOD Flowers??

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I said wood flowers! This beautiful flowers (and many more) are hand made and painted by the talented Jackie Shoumaker from Soul Sisters Designs. Jackie is our guest for this blog and here is what she had to say about the beautiful wooden flowers we have been seen all around Florida (and beyond!):

"Hi, I'm Jackie, the owner and floral designer of Soul Sisters Designs and my flowers are handmade and hand painted wood flowers. I have quite a variety of wood flowers. Some of my premium wood flowers are hydrangeas, peonies, anemones, gardenias, lilies, orchids, calla lilies, and cabbage roses. I have several styles of roses as well as many other more common flowers like mums, carnations, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, dahlias, and zinnias. I also have wood succulents! I've even taken on special requests for exotic flowers like the bird of paradise before. If you are looking for rustic flowers I even have some that have a darker golden skin on them. These flowers are made from the outer layer just under the "bark" where the skin under the bark isn't shaved off.

How are these flowers made? Very carefully! First, I feel it's important to say my flowers are very eco-friendly! They are made from a renewable wood source that is shaved into thin sheets. These thin sheets sometimes have a tiny hole where a knot in the wood was or tiny veins in the wood much like the tiny veins of a flower petal if you look closely. These tiny features add to the realistic look of the flowers. Petals are then cut from these sheets. In order to shape the petals of the flower the wood has the be dampened. Once the flower is put together I can then paint them any color you can imagine! Pretty neat, right?

So you might ask, why would you choose wood flowers for your big day or for any event? It's a great question and one of the biggest reasons is my wood flowers won't die! You will have a keepsake from your big day that you won't have to pay to have preserved or dry. You can take it home and put it in a vase! You don't have to worry about keeping them cool or watering them and they won't wilt during your reception or afterwards. Bridesmaids bouquets, mothers corsages, and even centerpieces make excellent gifts and keepsakes as well. You get all the benefits and beauty of having beautiful flowers on your big day with the added bonus of knowing what you are paying for isn't going to die or be thrown away. Now let's discuss colors and seasons. I'm like mother nature's assistant, I can make flowers in any color you want, in any season! Here's another cool fact, I can also scent your flowers or you can at home to make them smell pretty. A few drops of scented oils inside the petals will soak into the wood which acts as a diffuser much like potpourri. Another good tip to save your budget and still have beautiful flowers is that these flowers can be multipurpose. If you want flowers for the ceremony and flowers for the reception in many cases you can use the flowers for both. Centerpieces or other wedding reception decor can be used as isle or alter decor and after the ceremony taken to the reception for the tables. Many times arch swags can also be taken down and taken to the reception for guest book table decor or dessert table. One other thing I hear from a lot of my brides is they love having something so unique and custom made just for them on their big day. Since my flowers are so unique, I have so many options for them, like adding brooches, rhinestones, lace, even pieces of cloth from a loved ones shirt or dress so you can carry them with you on your big day. If you love the idea of keeping your flowers forever but don't love the idea of displaying them as a bouquet or arrangement, I can even help you with that by re-purposing the flowers from your bouquet into a custom decor feature. If you missed having beautiful wood flowers on your big day, no worries I can do bouquet recreations, which make great anniversary gifts!"

Thank you Jackie for the amazing work you do! I'm sure our brides can attest to how happy they are with the choice of flowers that can, along with the pictures, become a memory that can be cherished for years to come!

When you book your wedding photography with me and mention this blog post, Soul Sisters Designs will offer you a 10% discount on their beautiful wooden flowers!




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