First Look – is that for you?
  • Nata Salvatori

First Look – is that for you?

Even though it’s not an entirely novel concept, a First Look is extremely popular among couples on their wedding day. This is essentially when, a few hours before the actual ceremony, the bride and the groom see each other for the first time that day.

And it is as wonderful and enchanting as it sounds like.

While no one can confirm whether a First Look trumps seeing each other at the ceremony only, this idea has been getting increasingly popular in the last few years. More than any other reason, the decision to go for a first look depends upon the kind of people you and your spouse are and how exactly you’d want your wedding day to go about.

If this idea sounds exciting to you, you should dive headfirst into these reasons which make a first look an absolute delight for many.

Here’s why you cannot afford missing the first look


One of the most common reasons couples opt for a First Look is the privacy it offers you on your special day.

Your First Look with the love of your life, belongs to you two only. This is when you blur the entire world around you and focus on one entity only. It is the time to see the other person all ready to become yours forever. I will be there, like a fly on the wall, documenting your beautiful expressions!

The intimacy of this moment is unparalleled. In the traditional route, amid clapping, laughter, music, hooting, and cheers in the actual ceremony, the true essence of this look might be lost. Therefore, the First Look would let you experience this wonderful moment without multiple sets of eyes on the two of you.

Easing the Nerves

Despite your wedding day being one of the best times of your life, it cannot be denied that it’s also a day full of nerves, anxiety, and a whirlwind of emotions. There is an endless list of what-ifs and a huge weight of expectations.

Under these circumstances, having a First Look allows you to whole-heartedly experience the spell-binding moment of watching your spouse for the first time on your wedding day without all the background noise present at the main event.

Also, once you’ve had your First Look, you would be much more comfortable and at ease which would allow you to enjoy the rest of the day more.

Aesthetic Pictures

You cannot possibly let go of the chance to have the most Instagram-worthy pictures when you’re looking the best you have ever looked right?!

At the wedding ceremony, with hundreds of guests, activities, pleasantries, dances, and celebrations, you’d barely have time to take as many pictures as you want, in as many poses as you want.

That’s where the First Look comes in. This is your time to relax and be yourself around your loved one as the camera captures the pinnacle of your love story.

Another important reminder here is that, BEFORE the wedding, you would be very energized and active so taking loads of pictures would be quite exciting and memorable. However, during or towards the end of the ceremony, due to exhaustion, you might not be in the mood


Avoiding Pressure and Managing Expectations

Even though it’s not talked about often, there is a subtle pressure on the couple as to how they would react when they see each other for the first time at their wedding. Would the bride slightly falter in her steps as she sets her eyes upon the groom? Would the groom get teary-eyed looking at the woman walking towards him? With everything else going on, no one would want this added pressure.

In fact, some people - especially men - are quite guarded with their emotions and might even sport a stoic face at the ceremony which might be a huge let down. Therefore, save yourself the trouble of dealing with these expectations and have a private, intimate First Look.

Here’s why the idea of a First Look might not be sitting well with you...

While a First Look has been all the rave as of late, it is quite understandable if you want to stick to the traditional ways and wait for that one, final moment when you see your spouse at the ceremony.

Before I get into all the reasons why it might be better if you skip the first look, just imagine this moment: you see your spouse for the first time after hours of wait, among a sea of guests, but the two of you have eyes only for each other. Some of the most intense expressions of surprise and awe are captured at that time.


Some of us just can't let go of a meaningful and touching tradition. If you are a fan of traditions and are slightly old-fashioned, you’d realize the breathtaking significance of the moment the groom sees his wife-to-be walking down the aisle to meet him. And what a wonderfully intense moment it must be for the bride to see her husband-to-be waiting at the end for her.

Not Exactly Private

Many argue that a first look isn’t exactly, completely private. I would obviously be there. Perhaps there is a bridesmaid following the bride and carrying her essentials such as a bouquet or her clutch, etc. Similarly, someone else might be helping the bride with the train of her dress. So it can be argued that a First Look only provides the illusion of complete privacy.

The more First Looks, the merrier your day will be!

Your wedding day would undoubtedly center around you and your special someone. You do not have to worry about missing any significant moment with them. However, it’s the other, extremely important people in your life you need to pay a little more attention to. Your big day is as huge for your father as it is for you. Your friends couldn’t have been happier or more excited for you.

So why miss the chance to spend a little quality time with them as your beautiful moments are captured by the camera before you get whisked away to the main ceremony?

Here are a few suggestions to make your first look with them exceptional enough to add more value, emotion, and love to your wedding day.

Father-Daughter First Look

This man has spent his entire life ensuring that only the best happens to you. And whether you realize it or not, it is not easy at all for him to give you away to someone else. Therefore, take out some time and have a first look with the first love of your life.

The best part is that since your father would mostly be around you on the wedding day, you would barely have any problem coordinating the time of the look. A little helpful tip would be to have this look before others because it would surely get emotional in no time!

Bride-Bridesmaid First Look

With a little planning and careful execution, this can be such a joyous, wholesome, and emotional moment for you and your girls. Make sure your bridesmaids are getting ready somewhere close to where you are. This can be another room in the hotel you are at, or perhaps the room next door at your house. You also need to coordinate the timings well so that your girls are not left waiting for long for you to finish up.

And if you take care of just these little details, the moment you emerge from your room and hear the collective gasp of wonder, awe, and surprise from your favorite ladies, you’d be so utterly pleased to have chosen to do a first look with them.

That being said, before you make a final decision, let me add one crucial reminder. Only plan additional first look(s) if you are sure that there’s enough time to spare.

This day will already be full of nerves for you with a hundred questions running through your mind. You do not want to add unnecessary stress, tension, or activities that leave you tired and emotionally drained when you get to the main event.

And if you are a hundred percent convinced that you want first looks, make sure you manage your time accordingly to avoid any hassle later on during the day.

Oh, and let’s not forget that what’s trending isn’t important at all when it comes to your wedding day. What matters is your comfort and preferences, and those are exactly what you need to focus on to have a very memorable day!

Have any additional questions about First Looks? Send me an email and we can set up a time to chat!




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