Jenn and Anthony | Engagement Session at Walter Jones Park
  • Nata Salvatori

Jenn and Anthony | Engagement Session at Walter Jones Park

Updated: Apr 15

Meet Jenn and Anthony.

Their story is nothing but sweet and real at the same time. They met 10 years ago at an Ice Cream shop. How cute is that?!

They dated for years, got separated for a few others and reconnected 3 years ago again for the win!!

I was actually talking to Jenn at a party about doing some pictures of the two of them, just before they went to grab some dinner and Anthony popped the question!

They are both caring people, she is a physical therapist and he is a firefighter. It is obvious they care about people. But what you can see in these pictures we capture during their session, they sure care for each other!

Ok, there were some hilarious behind the scenes. Between Sadie, their lovely dog wanting to chase squirrels instead of posing with her sign, Anthony being so hot and not being able to "get the move" as he called it (I was asking for them to almost kiss but stop just before) and Jenn's dress trying to ride up a few times...we made it! We laughed and had fun, and that is how my sessions usually go, which is why I love what I do!

I'm absolutely trilled that they chose me to be part of their big day and I can't wait to capture their wedding!!



1. Make sure you choose a place where they can be free and have fun too!

2. Bring some water with you. Some parks and locations don't have that available and your furry friend may get thirsty!

3. Bring another human! it is easier to have a friend come to the session so you can focus on the shots that will not include your furry friend

4. Don't forger the treats! Bribes work well not only for kids and husbands who hate pictures, but with your furry friends as well! Specially if you and your photog are planning some cure poses!




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