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Engagement Photoshoot Guide

People sometimes ask me "Why take engagement photos?"

Well, the best reasons I can give you are the opportunity to share this spacial moment with your family and friends and also to get to know and work with your potential wedding photographer. In general, people feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in front of the camera. It is crucial to be able to find a photographer who will help you be relaxed and guide you all the way to the perfect pictures! 

Not sure what to Wear?

I got you!

Should we match?

You are soulmates but you are not sure if your favorite color will work on him? Well, let's talk about that. A lot of couples coordinate colors but they dont have to be the same. You can use "tones" such as earth tones and still compliment each other without wearing exactly the same color. When you book with me, I guide you through the process and I'm always available for consultation on wardrobe choices!

Special service anyone?

Stressing out about what to wear is "no bueno!". Besides your mom and cousin, who can be of great help, there are several services out there that can take the stress away for you!

Consider a service such as Rent the Runway or Wedding Concierge Program. Those services help brides look even more fabulous on the events prior to the wedding!

Ali and Robert-0093.jpg

How about down there?

Let's talk about your shoes girl! Make sure you consider the terrain when picking your shoes for the photoshoot. Even though you may be killing on those stilettos, they will hold you back in some situations. Go barefoot at the beach, and make sure you don't have pointy heels if you are in the middle of the woods for your photoshoot. remember, everything looks better when you are comfortable! 

I got my awesome pictures, now what?

Your Website

Wedding websites are the perfect place to display your beautiful pictures! Your guests will visit your website to learn more about your story, your plans, and wishes! Pic your favorites and sprinkle them on the different pages. Have fun and be creative!


Social Media

This is the no-brainer right?! Your new engagement photos can be used for profiles and posts on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, you name it (I'm sure I'm forgetting some!). Sprinkle them in there so you can keep everyone engaged with you (see what I did there? :-) 

Save the Dates

There could not be a more perfect fit for your beautiful pictures! You can use your favorite (good luck choosing just one) or a few to create a collage. Use a website that has the designs that fit your wedding theme and have fun creating! This will get everyone excited about what's coming even more when they see your love in every shot. 

Did you sign it?

Your Engagement photos make the perfect canvas for your wedding day. You can choose between a large print or canvas with borders that allow your guests to write a small note or you can use a variety of them on your guest book. Heck, why not both?! 

Your Photography Timeline

Day 1/2

You just got engaged!

This is the perfect time to snap a shot of your more than excited faces!!

 Post a selfie with your loved one and let the congratulations begin!

8 Months before the Wedding

Time to get started!

Many couples incorporate pictures of themselves into the design of their save-the-date. If you are planning on doing that, make sure to schedule your engagement session now. This allows plenty of time for designing and print so you can send it to your guests no later than 6 months before the wedding.

3 Months before the Wedding

Trying wedding looks?

This is a time where you can try out your wedding looks. Schedule your hair and make up trial the same day you schedule a photoshoot. This is a great way to be all dolled up and try some hairdo variations!

Ready to book your own

Engagement Session?

When you book your wedding with me, your engagement session is complimentary! This is the perfect way for us to connect and for the two of you to experiment with what will (and will not) work for you on your wedding day. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!




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